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best 11 sites for coordinating colors

 flat colors


It is the best becouse it contain a large amount of color combinations and a special forum where members add all new

 Variety of colors, gradients, brushes, discussions and more  

 A tool that lets you choose the basic color and then help you choose colors that match with it

 It will serve as a comparison between the background color and the basic color and its recognition as it would not be clear when viewed by a person with problems seeing the colors

 offers a variety of profiles, brushes and gradients

  Provides a unique feature which is a color format in a 3D image

A wonderful tool from Adobe compnie, which has many advantages and facilities to choose color combinations

 Like other tools .. make color selection easy 

 Provides the advantage of extracting colors from the image of your choice 
 also shows the degree of clarity between the colors and how they impact in addition to other advantages

as an addition this helpful guide >>https://www.websiteplanet.com/blog/logo-design-stats/
(The infographic is pretty cool, IMO.) 

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