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how to manually port custom recovery for your phone

firstly download Carliv Image Kitchen
  now you need your stock recovery + recovery you want port must from the same CPU like MT6737M just google it if you want to port twrp latest versions you will not need to be the same screen resolution other ways will need

if  carliv doesn't work copy it to c:

unpack stock then port recovery (don't close the window)
copy this files from stock to port folder (if find)
Recovery/ramdisk/etc/recovery.fstab replace it from stock to port

delete all kirnel files from port and replace them with stock

 when open unpacked folder will see many files and ramdisk folder that
many files is the kirnel
Some boot and recovery images are signed this could cause an error when trying to unpack it using this tool. In this case, you need unsign the recovery or boot image before using this tool

replace moded port recovery folder with unmoded one in carliv folder
return to carliv unclosed window
choose repack after complete will find the ported recovery in output folder.
boot to it using fastboot boot ported-recovery.img
the result like this

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