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kemulator not opening/starting solved [with gif explanation]

how to solve kemulator not opening in windows:

this proplem faced me in win 7 and solved with trying portable version πŸ˜‹


download portable version of kemulator 0.9.8 from here from mediafire (worked for me) if it wont work, you have an out dated java run time environment or it not installed at all


java run time environment is extremely requested to run kemulator so Un-Install Older Version(s) first then download and install latest from here

now it's working

kemulator not opening/starting solved


  1. Thank you very much, I was trying for a long time. Many famous game franchises had java mobile games, now abandoned and unsupported by the copyright owners. We are losing part of the video gaming hisroty, and no one gives a shit about it. The only hope for us fans is using these old emulators.

  2. Not all heroes wear capes, some help others start KEmulator on Windows.