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ppsspp controller configuration file

ps2 controller on PPSSPP??!!

in PPSSPP you have control mapping (in setting) where you can set config any of controllers like (xbox, ps1, 2, 3, 4) to work with PPSSPP but sometimes it's hard to do that because name edifiers (AXIS etc..) so i make one file to do that just copy it and you will have full buttons of PPSSPP working with ps2 controller and it's working in all systems (android, windows etc..)

1_how to:

1_1 stop PPSSPP

1_2 [download from mediafire] and copy configuration file to PSP/SYSTEM/-here-

1_3 run PPSSPP you will see new settings in control mapping

that's it just enjoy playing games with ps2 controller!


you can download WWE SmackDown vs. RAW 2011 (ISO 1.1GB) for PPSSPP from here

2_ps2 in PPSSPP controller using help:

all PPSSPP buttons working with ps2 controller but ps2 controller have more R2 and L2 and doesn't have speedup pause buttons so i config them like this
R2 >> speedup
L2 >> pause
this config have default windows config +  default android config + ps2 controller config so you will don't lose anything when use it 😊
it's recommended to set red LED in ps2 controller stopped


if you have problem with ps2 controller not being detected at all in pc
really that is not because "driver not installed" it need just usb to ps2 port signals translator and  all operating systems have  it pre installed
so just try use windows 8 alternatively of windows 7 like what i do /: .. (windows 7 worked for me now without any problem!!!)

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