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your freedom vpn client cracked apk (WORKING WITH PICTURES)

your freedom vpn client cracked apk:

as you might know your freedom now fixed the lucky patcher exploit, and the in-site exploit too, this now the only way to enjoy free acceptable usage of their app.
this cracked version will increase the limit of 5 hour/week to unlimited, but will not increase the speed because your freedom owners use subscription system which is mostly in-crackable or at least hard as much as you can imagine 😝
this exploit working from 2015 so it mostly will work for ever, add to that you can install this version along side with other your freedom versions because she doesn't have the same signature, and working in latest android versions.

about this version: 

this is old cracked version of your freedom VPN client for android, its old because new version are immune to this exploit, add to that this is more fast and don't kill your phone ram like newer versions do.


  1. enjoyed but.... its stupid mentioning that you are atheist.... imagine visiting a website and the writer says Am Christian heterosexual somebody

    1. I have said I'm atheist because I believe in freedom.
      This is why this blog is deferent, we don't care too much lmfo..

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