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how to make firefox completly load from cache #advanced

this trick don't work with firefox quantum will need firefox 56 or down download offline installer
Firefox 56 for Windows 32-bit (34.0 mb)
Firefox 56 for MacOS (52.0 mb)   
if you have a bad internet connection like me πŸ˜• you will wait until page load after 5-10-20 second or might be will not!
here i will show you an advanced method to force firefox to save/load 90% of all pages you visited from hard disk

firstly you will need to download this addons 
note: firefox has been deleted the addons from its store but i still have the important one the first but the second i don't have it sorry 
load from cache from mediafire (active it by clicking ctrl+left click) (download it then put it in firefox window)
force images into cache (active it by left click)

now to set how much firefox will use hard disk go to about:preferences#advanced > network

you will see cached web content change it to what you want but firefox has limitation here is on 1gb
if you want to cache more type about:config it will get you warning just click ok
now we will change some values.
type browser.cache.disk.capacity and change it to what you want but by kilobyte

that is all enjoy ! :)

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  1. thank you so much, for your words Has increase my self-confidence
    finally! i got someone interested in what i do 😍