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how to earn money from trading and prevent losing (restricted plan)

i have never fail in trading in any order so far for almost and year and half with my restrict plan that i will share it with you

i have a very restricted plan focusing in buying the coin when it's in its somewhat "low price" and then after she recover to it's highest prices sell
like bitcoin you need to buy in 7000 dollar and then sell in 10000

the same with other currencies, i will give you the prices to buy and sell, the actions in my plan is so low might do it one time every 1-6 months as of market conditions
the earning is between 6-17% par month, so if you invest 50 dollar you will earn 3-8.5 dollar/month
you can't invest less then 50 dollar because binance and other markets set a limit on how much you can put an order

firstly you will need a bitcoin wallet to deposit (you can set 1sat/byte fee for miners and it will confirmed after 36 hours depend on mempool) i prefer blockchain.com because she give you the ability to set fee

you now will need to open an account in markets:

binance you will earn 10% of my referral earnings



why opening accounts in many markets: because and you know market are venerable for hacking like what happened to Gox in 2014, so if one market hacked you will not loss everything

note: some arab countries are not allowed in binance and might poloniex, to use it so you need to contact them first, algeria are accepted in binance and poloniex and livecoin have no such restrictions
note: you can deposit and withdrew crypto without ID verification but fiats need to be verified

coin used:

i use just 8 coins and yes Rippel is not used due it's being centralized/non-mineable
Zcash, Monero, eth, btc, dash, neo, doge and ltc

now download the excel file that will calculate for you when to buy and sell

download link

how to use the excel:

the excel will calculate it 25% to 75%, meaning, lets say you will trade in LTC and lets say it prices was between 100 dollar and 200 dollar in last year
the excel will show the "bigger better" failed more then 1 which mean the price hit 125 dollar and mean you should buy now the when she hit 175 dollar you need to sell

you need to set the current price in "price now" failed 

i have calculated where to buy and sell from seeing the coin highest price reached and lowest price reached, in coinmarketcap in the last year and from it's borne, don't set the overall price reached as "price was btw" just set near that like:
bitcoin reached 20K before but i have set just 12000 and 6000 as "price was btw" because 12000 is highest price reached in 2020
"price was btw" failed is variable over time so you might need to reset it like i said above

to be notified the coin price use coincodex they will give you also a daily information about your favorite coins prices

what pairs used:

you need to buy USDT first or any USD pair (check volume of the pair first), then when btc or whatever the coin you will buy hit the limit then buy it and when she hit the high limit covert it to USD to save your earnings from being wasted when the coin tank again

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