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almost all j2me loader roms (WORKING WITH PICTURES)


This is almost all j2me apps and games, From Famous j2me sites, Thanks to cjrobe because she Graped them Before they shutdown πŸ˜…

I have add many j2me archives from my own to the pack, and All games are unique, Because i delete duplicate files, but games that are available with multiple screen size 128*128 to 1200*1200 and more are still there, i can't delete them because they doesn't have the same file size or content. 

Bigger jar files are better apps/games and have more HD UI with better game play roles, Avoid the folder named less then 200KB must games there aren't good, add to that  games more then 1mb might not work depend on your phone specification and the used emulator, number of all the games are 278,800 and after deleting duplicated one now they are 24,520 with complete size of 5.64 GB and 4.68 if compressed 7z , you can download one folder par time to try some of them

do this midlets works in emulator?

you can get j2me loader (j2me emulator for android) from playstore here
kemulator (j2me emulator for windows) from here (kemulatore fixed and working with gif picture)

do this java midlets works in old nokia/samsung and other phones?

yes! this games/apps works in old nokia phones without installation, and in samsung after installation but with size limit like, GT-E2120 will install midlets that have size less then 300KB

do these folders have both jar and jad files?

they have the jar file but some mobiles will request jad file to work, you can generate it from the jar file with this software


download links:

for phones you need rar for android to decompress archives here
mediafire for fast download (highly compressed)
tested by me.7z 486 file (209 MB)
203-226KB.7z  833 files (141 MB)
226-249KB.7z  755 files (141 MB)
249-269KB.7z  686 files (142 MB)
269-287KB.7z  650 files (143 MB)
287-300KB.7z 629 files (141 MB)
300-320KB.7z 603 files (144 MB)
 320-346KB.7z 536 files (146 MB)
346-373KB.7z 477 files (143 MB)
373-408KB.7z 456 files (148 MB)
408-420KB.7z 126 files (43 MB)
420-470KB.7z  584 files (203 MB)
471-506KB.7z 349 files (145 MB)
506-550KB.7z 345 files (149 MB)
550-580KB.7z 282 files (119 MB)
580-605KB.7z 296 files (128 MB)
605-650KB.7z 278 files (131 MB)
650-715KB.7z 248 files (144 MB)
716-810KB.7z 228 files (150 MB)
810-890KB.7z 214 files (144 MB)
890-960KB.7z 182 files (147 MB)
960-1015KB.7z 174 files (145 MB)
1015-1115KB.7z 157 files (131 MB)
 1115-1370KB.7z 137 files (141 MB)
1370-2000KB.7z 104 files (144 MB)
2000-unlimited KB.7z  40 files (123 MB)

low quality:
0-65KB.7z 2936 files (143 MB)
65-100KB.7z 1406 files (113 MB)
100-121KB.7z  1621 files (139 MB)
121-142KB.7z  1413 files (144 MB)
142-165KB.7z  1159 files (137 MB)
165-187KB.7z  1058 files (143 MB)
187-203KB.7z  916 files (137 MB)

note: if link are broken or you have problem downloading the games just comment i'll be happy to help, enjoy πŸ˜‹


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    1. files are in safe place, i have 3 copy of them,2 in cloud and one in my laptop

      there a problem with your site when trying to download 1 app she say "Mirrors are not supported yet in your language." or give me an archive for many games at once

    2. other then that downloading many files at once is better, if you want specifice app you can use google

  6. Is Tetris by Gameloft released in 2018 here? Or does anybody have the file???

    1. i have searched but unfortunately there is no info about it

      you might like Tetris Revolution by Electronic Arts

  7. Great work, thank you so much for sharing!
    There is a problem with the download link for the 65-100KB archive, it points to the same file as the 0-65KB link.

    1. and i'm asking why no one download that file lol
      the link has been fixed.

  8. Thank you for sharing this with us. Really really appreciate it.

  9. Thank you very much for sharing. I noticed that in archives 0-65kb and 65-100kb there are jar names only until letter K. Why jars from L to Z are missing?

    1. it seems there is no jars starting with L to Z with 0-100kb size

    2. does files in that 65-100kb.7z archive have any jar with size more then 101kb

    3. Thank you.. but don't you think it's a bit strange there is no jars L-Z in 0-100kb size? :D Yeah, you're right, some jars in 65-100kb are more than 101k, but they just exceed a bit ;)

  10. Can't download "65-100KB.7z" :'(((
    Please, upload it again

    1. i have tiered to download from mediafire and its working
      this is temporary alternative link from google drive

      google drive 65-100KB.7z download link

      if this also don't work for you try to use other browser

  11. Thank you. Does the link with 400+ files also includes the files from other links? Or do I have to download everything to have them all

    1. every archive have unique files that are not available in other archives.

  12. Hello ibtisam, looks like link for low quality 100-120 is not working, tried a couple differnet browsers and all get an error message to try to repair download, and fail again.

    1. it was not working for a wheel but it worked after that, try phone of your sister

  13. Tu898archive for more then 500+ java jar jad j2me apps and games for nokia and other devices

  14. Hey, looks like http://www.mediafire.com/file/iylyk9f25193dqb/716-810KB.7z/file is broken, can you re upload? Thank you for the collection :)