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the way to success in your internet work


how do you will able to success in internet:

focus in one thing:

let's say you are not productive person, using internet for 18h/day but just 1 hour do the real work , and in the other time you just checking notification , instagraming, watch YouTube funny videos, gaming etc..

your working time is already small, add to that you are trying to work in many things in the same time like blogging, trading, fiver, teespring etc.. in this way you will not success in any of them, most new project need a lot of time to success and earn the first dollar from them, this can be between month to years depend on your motivation/productivity
focusing in one work will stop the distraction of your thoughts and by time you will start fall in love with your project, this will increase your productivity in it.

use English:

this might very hard for 3rd world country person that English isn't his native language, but believe in me, ads earning, is x120 more in countries like USA, UK etc.. then other Arabic speaking country like Algeria, they first way to focus on them is using English

work in something you love/have knowledge about:

working in something you love/know is one of the most important things to success in internet and in any work, don't open a blog about gold trading just because there is a lot of money in that failed, because you mostly will wast your time in it, try to work in something you really love like me, i have opened this internet knowledge blog because i love this failed and know so much about, so like you can see, i have a lot of value content in my head to talk about.

make the money your last interests:

i don't mean forget about gaining money from internet, because this is why we start from first, but try to make success of the project Your top priorities, this by Delay the money getting process, like if you like sex, and opened a porn tube site, don't put ads or subscription in it, just give your users completely free 4K sex videos, this will make your site a lot better then popular sites like pornhub, and it's the only way to reach the multi million users/month dream.

try motivating your self by, Setting a small responsible goal and try to achieve it:

like i will do 50 article this month, then lets getting started... if the goal is not too big or too small compared to your baseline motivation, then you will success in it, by way that will give you euphoric feeling support you to do so much better

use smart drugs:

modafinil is extremely safe smart drugs, she will give you motivation without being euphoric, so you will not get any craving to increase the dose, and she have low onset tolerance.

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