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firefox shortcuts

ctrl+up or down             go to last up or down of page
ctrl+scrol up or down    next or prviews page
ctrl+u                             view sorce
ctrl+sheft+w                  close window
ctrl+m                           mute&unmute sound
ctrl+n                            new window
ctrl+sheft+t                  undo close tab
ctrl+sheft+n                 undo close window
ctrl+d                           add tab to bookmark
ctrl+j                            downloads
ctrl+sheft+a                 addons
ctrl+entre                     Complete .com Address
sheft+entre                   Complete .net Address
ctrl+sheft+entre           Complete .org Address
ctrl+f6                          input links
sheft+f10                     righetclick                   
alt+entre                      open in new tab from search or location bar
Esc                              Stop
alt+d                            Select Location Bar
ctrl+c                           copy
ctrl+v                           past    
ctrl+x                           cut
ctrl+z                           undo
ctrl+r                           redo

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