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MassPlanner pre-cracked portable

MassPlanner pre-cracked portable:

  This is a special version that has been cracked and fixed but some things may not work (as they are officially discontinued).
  Instagram Bot is tested and working!

Mass Planner is a tool I’ve used for some time now and it has worked in reality well for me so I’ve decided to do a review and academic for this device as it may be beneficial for anyone who's handling Social Media accounts whether it’s in your personal bills or on your customers.

The fee of this tool is low and for what the tool does its nicely well worth paying for. Mass planner no longer offers a 6-month plan and have most effective a month to month pricing system. The cheapest option permits you to manage up to 10 profiles and prices you $19.97 consistent with month. On the better stop in which you can manage up to 500 bills, it'll cost you $ninety nine.97 in keeping with month.

It only works with home windows at present so for the ones of you with Macs, you will need to do some thing it's far you do to get windows running on your Mac, whether or not that is the use of a virtual computer or similar.

Mass planner is software to be able to do such things as unfollow individuals who don’t comply with you again, it'll observe folks who follow your competition and it has many different settings in an effort to assist you to build up an excellent social media profile and following. This tool doesn’t just work with Twitter, it really works with LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Google Plus and Pinterest.

You clearly pick out the settings for each of your social media accounts and this tool can work all day every day for you doing all the grunt paintings that nobody likes doing. This has honestly got to be really worth the month-to-month subscription price as this can paintings 7 days a week for you and it's miles quite much on autopilot which is exactly how all and sundry desires to see things paintings.


    1 Dashboard
    2 Social Profiles
        2.1 Proxies
    three Tools
    4 Twitter
    5 Facebook
    6 Instagram
    7 Summary

Above is Mass Planners dashboard. Once you've got your operations up and going for walks, you may see the date and time that each one is being executed. Checking lower back right here regularly helps you to realize how smoothly all of the tools are running. If any errors had been to occur, this area is first to allow now. The next step is adding your social accounts.
Social Profiles


The first aspect that desires to be finished is growing a profile. To try this, click on on the “social profiles” button that is displayed on the left-hand facet menu. From there, click “Add Profile” and the beneath screen will appear with the following social profiles to choose from.


Now you've got added a new profile, that is in which you can fill out the log in info of your account. The example that I might be showing here is for the setup of a Twitter account. Under username or electronic mail, you positioned inside the login details for the account, in case you are going to be developing multiple money owed then you definitely ought to absolutely be using proxies to help prevent the social media account getting banned. Check the field that says “Show Proxy Settings” to be able to then open up the region you could input your proxy records. Next is where you input the username and password of your social media account. Now you’re geared up to affirm. (If the validation takes place to be unsuccessful, then you could click on on the “manual login” choice. This will open up a browser as a way to enter the information at the internet site yourself).

Once the account has been validated it's going to appear within the social profiles menu on the left-hand aspect.  Now your account is verified you’re equipped to start using Mass Planners functions. Just click on the “equipment” button that looks at the proper of that account.

Proxies are your way of making sure that all of your social profiles has a unique IP deal with. When logging inside and out of social profiles, the social structures can normally detect whilst all of it comes from the only area. Using proxies way that you are overlaying your cutting-edge place with another so you can run multiple profiles all without searching suspicious.

You can add your proxies whilst developing the social profile like defined earlier or you could add them in the “proxy manager” section. The thing about proxies is you'll need to rotate them every 30 days or so relying on the company that offers you them so this phase makes it easier to swap them in and out. Beside each profile on this phase is likewise a verify button which lets you test that your proxies are without a doubt operating.

Once you’ve completed this, if you head back to the “Social Profiles” segment, you will want to reverify all the bills right here to get them to definitely start going for walks again. With this statistics, you can then move beforehand and e book your self in for the perfect mass planner educational. The Global equipment phase is wherein you can use any of the Instagram that you’ve created, and clear out any of the terrible bills which you are the use of, which you can then take on as it’s on money owed with a purpose to pass ahead and use.

Before we cross beforehand and start the usage of the tools that Mass Planner has to offer. This menu is where you may see an outline of the gear that you have going for walks. It offers you the stats on what form of development your device has made thru the begin of the account. For example, you're shown all of the equipment strolling on an account so you can turn off positive gear like “Follow” and hold “unfollow” running. What I advocate doing is checking this phase from time to time, specially after converting proxies. Changing those can from time to time reason certain tools to forestall jogging and many others. So as you could see from here you could disable/allow any of the equipment, with the”more gear” button taking you to the setup for each of them.


In this example, I am the usage of a Twitter account. Once you click on on the “More Tools” Button, you need to see the screenshot above. The first putting allows you to pick out how lengthy you would really like to attend among operations. (Operations is what mass planner calls the action that you are making plans on wearing out). When you first begin the use of this tool on an account, it’s essential to construct your following slowly at the beginning.

When using Mass Planner, you need everything to look as herbal as possible. Following hundreds of accounts with out rest is extraordinarily obvious for Twitter to select up on. The secret's to make the bot act like a human consumer, however the splendor of it for you is which you don’t need to placed any work in after this initial setup.

So with this in thoughts, you could pass in advance and set the time to attend. I might recommend you set this to every time after half-hour earlier than beginning a new operation.  The subsequent choice at the list is to “add random sleep time”. This is where you can set mass planner to randomly forestall walking for a certain time frame. You would possibly need to use this feature to make the bot stop through the night for instance. It is once more some other way of maintaining your account below Twitters radar

It then asks you to enter the range of people you would really like to comply with consistent with operation, with the choice of choosing a limit to follow in line with day. Setting a limit approach you could be secure inside the knowledge that Mass Planner won’t follow a long way too many human beings resulting for your account being banned.

Next up is the option to pick out how long the tool will forestall for after following a sure quantity of people.

Under that is what number of seconds the device will scroll via a web site. Most human customers will scroll through pages for a least multiple seconds before shifting on. Having this option in addition facilitates maintain your account stay live. “Follow Between” is in which it gives the user the choice to decide what time of the day they want the tool to paintings from. A human person could be very not going to be following 24 hours around the clock, so this would look suspicious. There are also sure times of the day that people can be more likely to comply with you returned. This can range relying at the sort of market/people you're seeking out so make sure to research this and set the time accordingly.

You also have the choice to only observe human beings which have X quantity of fans and/or following X quantity of human beings. You need to avoid following accounts that have a very low amount of followers as there is a good threat that those are faux bills. Again, that is difficulty to anything marketplace you’re focused on so make sure to preserve that in thoughts when placing those limits.

The subsequent display screen grab shows the alternatives to be had at the lowest of the page.

The first option that you can make is to stop following while you reach a positive amount of followers or whilst the ratio of fans/followings has reached smaller than X quantity.  This lets in you to keep the debts balance right. For example, if your account is following heaps of accounts but only being followed through a handful of people, your account gained’t handiest be flagged with the aid of Twitter, but actual users can even begin to question if your accounts valid or now not.

Lastly at the lowest, there are a listing different alternatives you need to mess about with. For example, you could want to tick the box that asserts “consumer has profile photograph”. These accounts are much more likely to be actual people than ones with out.


Once this is all done, select the tab “observe sources”. Here is in which you pick out what resources Mass planner is going to use to start following people. Before I pass over the unique resources I’ll first cross over the ranking device that works with a scale of one-10, with 1 being the smallest and 10 being the highest in how probably it will be used. For example, if two assets have been decided on, one with a rating of 2 and the alternative with a ranking of 6. The one with the ranking of 6 will be used lots extra than the rank 2.

With Twitter, you may use key phrases to discover your goal money owed. Once you’ve started following key-word focused accounts you can start following the friends of those accounts as well as friends of character money owed. Just enter the URL of the accounts into the field and Mass Planner will begin following their fans with out a limit on how many you want to target. Below are some more options that you may choose from, choose whatever ones you want and that’s you finally prepared to begin the usage of Mass Planner.

Now you’re all installation, it’s time to start following. Click at the “Start Auto Follow” button and allow the tool work its magic.


Follow Back

This is the page wherein you place how regularly you observe back human beings that are already following you. The settings are much like the ones before it where you could determine how many human beings you comply with according to operation and how long you wait among each operation. Once you've got crammed out the info on this page, pick “Start Follow Back”, located in the pinnacle right corner of the page.

This has been the setup for the “Follow” and “Follow Back” section of Twitter. As you may see along the navigation bar there is a lot extra that you may do just on Twitter alone. Tools together with “follow again” “Favourite” “Retweet” and so forth all have a completely similar setup to the instance we simply went through above so that you must work your manner thru these to make the maximum of Mass Planner.

Now which you have used the Twitter tool you’ll have a higher information of the way Mass Planner works. The Facebook device works in a totally similar manner but I will display you the principle features that you have to recollect the use of:

Page Finder


The web page finder is a similar setup to the Twitter “comply with” device. There is a keyword section so as to input words that relate to anything niche you are trying to goal. You can also exclude certain keywords from the quest to help slender your outcomes proper all the way down to your objectives.

Next up is the most/minimal amount of likes that a page has before you add it for your finder. The quantity of likes that you must count on to peer on a web page is absolutely down to anything your area of interest is. Lastly is the quantity of pages to discover according to key-word.

Once you have your list of pages, you have some alternatives. You can export and import the lists which you have, as well as adding positive pages to the feedback and likes section.  These pages can then be used afterward whilst you are looking to like and comment on pages/posts.


Comment & Like

This phase is in which you can use Mass Planner to touch upon and prefer pages. The setup right here is just like the Twitter “observe” segment, you want to once more fill out these information with the purpose of creating the whole lot look herbal to Facebook so your account doesn’t get banned.


The main difference to this phase is further down the page there may be a key-word and comment container. This is in which you pick what form of pages and posts which you like and what you assert within the feedback you publish.

The remark container uses syntax to create more than one remarks(there are lots of spinners to be had that put textual content into syntax for you) Once you have got your key phrases and remarks coated up, you could click on on both “comment by keyword” or “like via key-word”.


This will then be located into the vicinity below, which you can see inside the above screenshot. After you’ve completed with this, the closing step is the “resources” tab. If while you have been using the “finder” tool you chose to ship the pages to remarks & likes, you then have to see a listing of fb web page URLs and that is the listing that the tool will begin posting to. You can also manually input URLs for pages and businesses here as nicely.

Now you’re prepared it’s time to click on “begin remark & like”. Leave this to run within the background and soon see your facebook profile actively commenting on and liking pages applicable on your niche.

The Instagram equipment are quite similar to the twitter settings. For instance, the primary few equipment are quite a lot same to the twitter equipment.

The settings begin to get specific after “contact”. Instagrams equipment permit you to automate your messages, comments, testimonies and hashtags as nicely. With this tool particularly, you want to be greater careful in how heavy you operate the automation. Instagram could be very suspicious of any form of automation so that you want to begin this off very slowly.

In those examples, I’ve shown you the way to installation the bot on your Twitter, Instagram and Facebook debts. The key to the use of this device to it’s fullest ability is making it act like a human. You may be thinking why not simply leave it walking all the time, following, connecting, commenting to heaps of humans?

The reality is all of these social media platforms don’t like those bots, and are always on the lookout for suspicious behaviour. Giving the influence that you are human might not come up with a big on line presence overnight, but after some time, you can begin to accelerate as your following will increase and earlier than you comprehend it, your social bills can have a fantastic recognition which can cause lots of business possibility in the destiny.

If you would really like Massplanner get in contact and unwell see what I can do for you. 

now download link

the software tested and working in windows 10 pro 64-bit 

the archive is not password protected, you will need 7z to decompress it download it from here for free or use alternative software like winrar to decompress the file but its paid software

you might will need to disable windows 10 antivirus or any other antivirus because they give false positive for crack files which is tested and safe 

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