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free 6.3 million email txt list hotmail and gmail etc you can use in thunderbird and other softwares (WORKING)

you might want to send millions of emails par day , here email list that you can send to them , tested some of them and working , 

whats is file type:

its a txt file that have email on each line its more then 6.3 million lines compressed z7 with total size of 37.96mg compressed and 140mg uncompressed.

how to send mails:

you need to use exim 4 on linux here how to setup it and use it or ab bluk mailer on windows you can download cracked version of it here but in ab bluk mailer you will need a SMTP server you can use hotmail she have a limit of 4800 emails/day for each account.

gmail have a limit of 500 email/day

mail.ru have a limit of 100 email/day

i don't know for yandex and others

you can use also thunderbird but she don't have automation ability

download from mediafire

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