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aaps wifi password

how to to get  aaps wifi password:

there is no simple way you need to use wifi map or contact administrator because the password might changed every known time so. because student use this internet connection in facebook and other wasting time thing rather then in aduction.

Imagine having your monthly salary depend on the test score of a 15 year old student who is only using Facebook during your class. 


you might want to subscript to 3G internet better then trying to use your high school internet in facebook

how to overcome facebook blockage in Ann Arbor Public Schools Accessible firwell:

if you still want to use school internet in facebook you might need a way to overcome the firewell so, you need a vpn over dns like your free dom vpn client this a cracked version in my blog, you might also want to try wifi wps wpa tester to hack wifi network available in your school

finall opinion:

okay , as a some of an AAPS middle-schooler, I can tell yours that personal electronics (iPods, smart phones, etc) are already forbidden in the middle school, at least in theory. Not all teachers will do that strictly, but most of them will being obnoxious about using them in class will have them confiscated until the end of the day. And might a VOE to boot. After some number of violations, a parent has to come in to retrieve the smart phone. Not really sure what the high schools do. I, too, will miss the ability to use open wifi in the schools, but I think I can deal with it. If they want better security, they should enforce access control lists for the MAC's of teacher and staff smart phones. No password to mess with, though I'm not sure if that causes a performance penalty. we live close enough to a school that I can pick up the open network from my home office. We password down our home wireless network; why shouldn't the schools do the samething? Finally, I can say from my experience that, cell towers or not, 4G reception is not so great inside many of these old and/or cinder block buildings. Of course, I have AT&T

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