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get instagram modded apk for you (WORKING) (INSTAGRABBER)

what is instagram modded instagrabber:

instagram is one of most used social networks in daily basis, because of that you might want to download some of the photos you see there in your device, but you know, instagram offical app don't have much features like downloading the content, so in this post i will show you intagram modded, that will able to do that and a lot more..

instagrabber is open source free modded instagram app, so it more trusted then other modded instagram apps, and it have a lot of features that isn't available in official instagram app like downloading all photos in your account or other account in one click, and copying bio or zooming the profile picture or downloading it, add to that knowing who unfollowed you etc..

download the app and go to setting to login to your personal account, then go to any instagram account and select the photos you want to download by long press then click the download button, when you zoom the picture you can also download it then

what you can do by modded instagram instagrabber: 

-copy bio by long press
-downloading photos
-zooming photos
-get a new look in instagram
-knowing who unfollowed you
-knowing who unfollowed you and you still follow them
-knowing who still folowing you and you don't follow them
-hide seen mark in DMs
-always mute videos
-auto run videos
-enable notification alert

from "quick access" you can switch between accounts by login off then logging in to the other account

now you can download the latest version of the app from here


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