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pre cracked portable Directory List & Print Pro 4.05 32/64 bit (highly compressed)

what is Directory List & Print Pro:

Directory List & Print Pro is a software program for Windows and allows to
listing and print folder and listing contents in a most best way.
Furthermore, the record and folder lists may be formatted, filtered and
saved to several document formats in addition to be further processed (listed
documents can be deleted / moved / copied / copied which includes original
advent date). The listing of documents and folders can be opened without delay
in Microsoft Office Word™ and Excel™  and in OpenOffice Writer and
Calc. It can also be stored as text report, PDF report, HTML and XML tables
and by copying the content to the clipboard the list can be exported
into almost each other program.

Numerous selection functions and filter possibilities allow to create
genuinely and speedy your asked folder listings, eg. Lists of MP3 audio
files, video documents, documents (inclusive of meta tags like Exif, IPTC,
audio and video tags, document facts) and output them in many
unique output formats.

Directory List & Print Pro is also a completely helpful device for computer forensics.

The Most Important Functions Of Directory List & Print Pro At A Glance
List And Print Folders And Subfolders

Directory List & Print allows to list, print and export quick and
without problems all documents in a preferred folder, which includes subfolders if needed.
Directory List & Print may be introduced to the Windows Explorer context
menu for you to display at once the favored listing structure.

Output File Lists Including Metadata

Directory List & Print can extract more than one hundred meta tags from image
documents (Exif / IPTC), audio and video files in addition to from documents
and PDFs and display information along with title, artist, album, length
of song, recording date, image format, image size, camera
settings, author, wide variety of pages, introduction date or date taken, report
size, GPS records with corresponding Google Maps link etc.

Filter File And Directory Listings

Numerous filter alternatives permit to create the in my view needed file
listing with the desired records. These include, amongst others, filter
by means of document name, document type, document size, path, date, record attributes and
many greater.

Output Formats

Directory List & Print Pro enables to open the created document list
immediately in Microsoft Word™  and Excel™ as wall as in OpenOffice
Writer and Calc or output the statistics as text report, PDF, HTML and XML
desk. In addition, Excel documents also can be created without installed

Copy, Move Or Delete Files Directly

The files of the as soon as created document and directory listings can directly
be copied, moved or even deleted. Directory List & Print Pro enables
to replicate or move documents retaining the file creation date.
Some Examples Of Possible File Lists
  • HTML table in order display various Pro features
  • XML file in order to show numerous Pro features
  • Excel desk for download so one can present severa Pro features (The instance of the Excel table works simplest within the languages German
    and English)
  • MP3 example listing as HTML, PDF, Excel, XML, Text (Tabulator separated)

 tested and working in windows 7 ultimate 64 bit and windows 8.1 pro 32 bit
you can use 7zip to extract the archive
then the download link

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