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NetShare PRO no root tethering cracked [no unlock key needed]

NetShare no root tethering PRO cracked

whats is NetShare pro:

is an android app that can turn your Android device into wifi hotspot extender

what can i use it to:

if you have weak wifi signal from in your home from your neighbor you can strong it with this app
add to that with NetShare pro you can use WiFi direct instead of the native
wifi hotspot which now blocked in android 6 and above.

Note: NetShare is the only way for devices running android 6 and above.The app may be blocked by some carriers in your country if so please download the app directly from here: netshare.solutions

how to use:

**you mostly will not need this configuration like what happened with me**
activate the app wifi hotspot will opened from your phone then connect to the wifi hotspot that you want to repeat
then go to your home and you will find your phone-wifi network with strong signal named something like this DIRECT-0X-android-xxxxx 
set proxy setting to HTTPS