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list of best webmaster tools


this the best web master tools to submit in:

if you don't submit your site to web master tools you've missing alote!
submit to search engine is the must needed part to get search engine traffic the submission process need site map link you can search for how to get it

google Webmaster tools:

with more then google search engine is number #1  with 90.14% of global searches so far!

Bing Webmaster Tools:

bing is the second best search engine with 5.32% of Search Engine Market Share and when you submit here will submit to yahoo to because they use the same webmaster tool

Yandex Webmaster Tools:

yandex is Russia search engine have 0.62% but it's easy to rank in

and finally:

Baidu Webmaster Tools:

is China search engine have 2.18% but submit to it is hard you can see installation for how to do that here

you  can see all statistics updated here

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