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complete installation for how to submit your site to baidu

how to submit to baidu:

baidu is one of the must needed webmaster tool you can see full list here

1_firstly you need an account in baidu you will face some problems there this full articel for how to do it

2_then add your site by this link

will baidu ask you to improve your account info first

2.1_will need china name like ζ₯学明 use fake name generator tool 

2.2_will need position?? use other name provided by fake name generator tool also πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚

2.3_in email you can use gmail 😎

2.4_you need an QQ and Wechat (you need to download the last version to be able to open an account) account too

all Fields marked with * is needed to complete the process

2.5_when you choose Site properties use don't translate the page or it will not work!!

2.6_if you use blogger use CNAME record in site verification because others will not work

3_then go and submit you links with this link

will see 3 automatic methods personally i prefer sitemap method

3.1_the must annoying in this process is Chinese captcha!!!

i try OCR Chinese tool but it doesn't work
try with getting a friend from china in vk but it doesn't work many times because timeout!!
but finally Works like a charm πŸ˜‹ with support by Nikita Mikhaylov china friend finded using VK you can find online china people from vk to help you in this link vk will block after sending many messages in short time!!
developers use captcha to block bots but baidu use it to block non china people form using his service πŸ˜‚
finally submitted with success!


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