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how to install or switch between system less root and normal root

if you have installed super SU in system less mode uninstall it using this su_unistaller.zip
then install this zip SR5-SuperSU-v2.82-SYSTEMMODE.zip
(if you get bootloop you can't install superSU in normal root at this time of articel try google it and to fix the bootloop reinstall su_unistaller.zip)

magisk can't be in normal root

if you need to install latest version of superSU in normal root or need to go from normal to less:
firstly install it in system less then do full unroot, when asking to recover old boot.img deny
make sure that the /data partition be mounted
go to twrp and open terminal then type (change it to true when from normal to less):
cd /data
echo SYSTEMLESS=false > .supersu
Finally, flash the letast SuperSU ZIP to force SuperSU to use the standard, old root procedure

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