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how to emulate j2me app on android


j2me android emulators

j2me loader - the best and what should be used 
phoneME - test all versions to get one of them work
netmite -  need convert jar to apk 
jbed - need android 2.3 or cwm recovery
 Installation //

  1. Unpack the archive
  2. you need root access
  3. Start the Root Explorer
  4. Start the Root Explorer, select r/w from top right corner and copy files to folders as below

libDxDrmJava.so – / system / lib
libjbmidpdy.so – / system / lib
libjbmidp.so – / system / lib
javax.obex.jar – / system / framework
MetaMidpPlayer.apk – / system / app
MidpPlayer.apk – / system / app

other method is by using psp emulator for android and emulate in it j2me using j2me emulator for psp
psp emulator for android
j2me emulator for psp

now you can download j2me apps and games from here
almost all j2me loader roms (WORKING WITH PICTURES) 
best sites to downloa j2me apps

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