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BTWhatsApp (whatsapp moded) last version

1_Updating the copy (exclusive) You can now send a group message to groups 
2_ Increase the size of video in case (Alasturi) to unlimited 
3_Students add Yemen students books for the basic and secondary stage 
4_ (Exclusively) Now when scanning messages you can only delete private messages or just group messages or everyone 
5_ You can now prevent messages from being deleted from your device if someone tries to retrieve the message from your device (Options - Privacy - Prevent messages from being deleted) 
6_ Activate filters to edit images before sending them
 7_ Activate direct location sharing with friends 
8_ You can now select and retrieve multiple messages at a time 
9_Add Option 1.2.63 to view long messages without appearing (and more ...)
 10_ You can now create a scheduled message for multiple people at once (by multiple names selection) 
11_Add Option 1.1.15 to show the name of the contact in the middle of the screen 
12_ You can now copy the written (constitutional) 
13_ Activate Quick Reply feature (select any message and press the Send Box to reply)
 14_ You can now select up to 100 documents instead of 30 documents 
15_ You can now find out how much storage is used per conversation (settings - data size and user storage - used storage size) 
16_ Fix the map not appearing when you submit your site 
17_ Fix the closure of the drawer of the clouds when towing up 
Other reforms

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