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best 5 apps to block ads on ios

If you are tired of all ads but do not want to use Reader View every time you browse the Internet, you can simply use the blocker applications. In this topic i will show you 5 of the best apps
But before these applications are listed, the ad blocking software works in the Safari browser on devices that support only 64-bit architecture. To use the ad blocker, you must first enable it in settings 

 crystal | 0.99$

Is a favorite iOS app, due to the easy addition of sites to the white list and black, which is important to stay online, and more importantly, prevents interstitial ads that require the user to see ads and see them pop up on the screen, while at the same time allows to see ads in a friendly way, If you'd like to help the blogs you're reading to generate revenue from these ads, try this app.

AdGuard |free

This app includes various barricades to speed up browsing on Safari, and you can add rules to specific websites, even manually blocking sites from your sites while using your Safari share, as well as using at least 12 predefined filter lists "EasyList, Malware Domains and EasyPrivacy" thus prevents the tracking of social networking sites and clean the Safari browsing experience and make it smoother. With the paid version of the app "$ 1.99" you can add the ability to use DNS proxy to block ads outside Safari and in other web browsers and applications.

adblock | 1.99$

This app is a little different from other ad blocking apps. It uses the IP and IP proxy DNS to block ads across your entire device, including apps, games, and other web browsers, and you can use the proxy to set IP to prevent traces, To block ads from custom websites, so you can sync this list across devices, so if you want to block all ads, including on-screen while playing your favorite game, this app will really make you fast.

Purify| 1.99$

The simplest use of these applications, and it has additional features, such as blocking pictures, scripts and custom fonts that cause the page to slow down, but if all you want to do is to block ads and trace with the bees wings provided by the application, , And this is through the list of participating shares in Safari, and although the first application in this group has this feature to be used here more, where you will be able to click the share button while increasing your favorites and take advantage of the Purify Actions button to add sites, The Content Type feature will do this Hussein battery resources greatly.

1Blocker| 4.99$

Perhaps the most powerful application in this group is a large feature that has 28000 pre-installed spam blockers and is fully installed to prevent unwanted ads and content from surfacing, while supporting synchronization with iCloud, as well as creating special block rules Such as hiding certain elements of the page, blocking websites completely or blocking cookies, and offers extensive possibilities for blocking content. The application not only blocks ads, it also has the ability to block social buttons such as share and admiration buttons, block social comments on sites, Or h For example, the application is available free of charge as a trial version, and to open all of its tools, you should buy it at the price mentioned above.

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