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how to setup a bitcoin faucet

you need at last 75k satoshi (not include miners fee) to begin run your faucet

will do that with sub domain & free hosting sing up & download
now go to 000webhost.com/members/website/(your-sub-name)/ftp-redirect
upload the script and extract it to public_html  (all files must directly in public_html) 
go to 000webhost.com/members/website/(your-sub-name)/database
and create new database (user name must letters and Numbers only)

change config.php to
$dbuser = "your db user name";
$dbpass = "
your db password";
$dbname = "
your db name";

now go to your site
must show
copy the password you are given and sing in
complete the requested data (captcha,Service API key)
after that you will have a bitcoin faucet like this

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