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android history change log - from 1.0 alpha to O

1.0 Alpha - 2008/9/23
first android version that have many features steel available now like a web browser, had Gmail, Google calendar, Google maps, YouTube and G-talk messenger app.

1.1 beta - 2009/2/9
just add some features like showing reviews in Google maps when some searches for business.

1.5 cupcake - 2009/4/27
included a third party virtual keyboard and got the ability to directly upload videos and photos to YouTube and Picasa and got widgets.

1.6 donut - 2009/9/15
some drastic changes like universal search, text to speech feature and CDMA compatibility with the help of Verizon. The update began to dispatch to all possible handsets on October 2009.

2.0-2.1 eclair - 2009/10/26
This version brought some much-needed features like flash support, digital zoom and white balance and something called live wallpapers. Google made the keyboard smarter now it can select contact name as suggestions

2.2-2.2.7 froyo - 2010/5/20
speed up and adding a bottom dock for quick access to the dialer and app drawer

2.3-2.3.7 gingerbread - 2010/12/6
Last updates were focused on functions, but this was more focused on user interface and continued to maintain the darker theme. This update also brought support for NFC, download manager, and improved copy paste

3.0-3.2.6 honeycomb - 2011/2/22
more instinctive keyboard for bigger devices like tablets.

4.0-4.0.4 ice creame sandwich - 2011/10/18
updated User interface and dissolved the hardware buttons. That means an action bar and recent apps button was introduced, this update was a combination of Honeycomb (tablet OS) and mobile OS (gingerbread and froyo). Apps became more powerful and multitasking was never easy before and computer class speed can be seen packed inside a smartphone.

4.1-4.3.1 jelly bean - 2012/7/9
GOOGLE NOW came into existence. Jellybean had a fine-tuned voice assistant for searching and notification improved a lot and much more events from the drop-down menu. The home screen also got refurbished and now widgets could be resized and placed anywhere

4.4-4.4.4 kitkat - 2013/10/31
Google Now became more advanced than ever before, it got some predictive abilities that tried to guess what user wanted even before they asked, and Hangout was upgraded with new SMS capabilities.
Most importantly, KitKat reduced OS’s acquiring space, means with minimal RAM can also run the OS hassle free. This brought cheaper phones with Android one program.

5.0-5.1.1 lollipop - 2014/11/12
Icons, animations and the multitasking menus all were redesigned with Google’s material design approach and the Android lock screen got a new outline with some notification integration feature. Google also added “silent mode” for notifications

6.0-6.0.1 marshmallow - 2015/10/5
got some amazing add-ons like app permissions handling, Improve Google Now and finally a fingerprint sensor support. Google also improved battery life meaning now your smartphone can survive a day without recharging.

7.0 nougat
multi-window support, mean now multiple apps can run simultaneously in split screen mode. Although most of the updates were the follow-up of Lollipop 2014 and were more focused on material design. Android spent the time to tune down the OS to make it more user-friendly and more functional notification system.

android O
available in beta now for nexus devices have new notification system

and you can tune the notification by later it for 1 hour or block facebook just add friend

more customisation like you can choose how icons be

will change mod view apps to fullscreen
and imoji

edit root files that available for all users

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